Kranzberg Arts Center
St. Louis, MO
September 2–October 30

Materials: unglazed white eartheware, watercolor paper, fishing line
photographs courtesy of the artist

Exhibition Artist Statement
Haven provides a visual meditation for the viewer. The sheer number of objects that comprise the space command attention and careful investigation. It is my hope that when entering the gallery you will feel a willingness to disengage for a moment with the outside world, log off social media, stop thinking about impending to-do lists, and resist the urge to answer that vibrating phone.

The time to find inner peace is now.

Take a moment to look and be present. Get lost in the delicate botanical forms. These structures are omnipresent and eternally inherent within our being. I ask you to join me in discovering inner peace and beauty within the space.

Haven is dedicated in memory of my dear friend, Thomas Calhoun, art enthusiast, supporter, and a true cheerleader for all artists.

The Regional Arts Commission helped fund the production of this work through a 2014 Artist Support Grant.